Zooming Out, Zooming In

Rabbi Aviva Richman

Risk, Values, and Hard Choices

Dr. David Slusky Rabbi Aviva Richman

Life under a global pandemic has brought into focus the fundamental role that risk plays in our lives. Every decision, from where we grocery shop to how often we see our families, carries weight - the weight of knowing that our actions carry some degree of risk to ourselves, those around us, and beyond. What sources of wisdom can help orient us while we navigate choices that feel daunting and impossible?

Session 3: Zooming Out, Zooming In: Risk, Values, and Hard Choices with Dr. David Slusky

The array of choices we have to make each day can be overwhelming, especially as we try to weigh various risks against various gains. What rubrics exist to understand the meaning and impact of these choices? How can these rubrics help us make sense of our own intuitions around what levels of risk we are willing to tolerate and for what purposes? Can this period of heightened awareness of risk offer revelatory insight into what we care about most and how to live out our values, even during challenging periods? Our conversation partner will be Dr. David Slusky, De-Min and Chin-Sha Wu Associate Professor of Economics and Associate Professor of Population Health at the School of Medicine at the University of Kansas.