Will Technology Save or Destroy Us?

We live, for better and for worse, in a technological society, which means that both sides of human nature have been dramatically amplified: both our potential to heal and do good and our capacity to hurt and inflict suffering have reached unprecedented levels. What are the ethical and spiritual implications of living in a world in which we can cure disease but also despoil the earth? where we can talk to people across the globe but also kill them without so much as getting out of our chairs? Rabbis Abaraham Joshua Heschel and Joseph Soloveitchik had very different—and in some ways antithetical—responses to the question of technology. Join us as we explore their approaches and ask how they would talk to one another—and how they can still talk to us. Recorded live at the 5th annual Dr. Eddie Scharfman Memorial Lecture, January 2016.