Why Do We Mourn?

Rabbi Tali Adler

Conceptualizing Loss and Grief

Experiences of tragedy have one thing in common: They force us to grapple with questions of loss, grief, and how to live in a world that contains so much of both. Grieving under normal circumstances can be crushing, and all the more so when that grief can only take place in isolation. Further, our sense of loss is compounded by the lack of public language and ritual that typically supports our mourning process. In this 3-part virtual learning series we will study Jewish texts and aim to recapture some of what has been lost in that forced private grieving. We will address and discuss questions such as: What exactly do we mourn and why? How do we live with God in the midst of grief? What does it look like to exit active grieving without surrendering our sense of loss? Recorded Summer 2020.