A Second COVID-Pesah

Rabbi Avi Strausberg

The Search for Community

Last year, many of us found ourselves facing a Pesah like we never had before. Rather than Seders spent with friends and family, for many of us, a COVID Pesah meant a return to the Pesah of the Torah, in which each family makes the offering on its own, taking “a lamb to a family, a lamb to a household” (Exodus 12:3-4). On a holiday in which we normally turn outward, we instead turned inward, hosting quiet and in many cases radically different Seders in our home, alone or with a few close friends or family to celebrate the day. We did it and we thought we just had to get through that one Pesah. We didn’t realize that a full twelve months later, we would celebrate a second COVID Pesah, a Pesah Sheni of sorts, still alone in our homes.