Love the Immigrant/Refugee As Yourself

Rabbi Shai Held

Rabbi Jennie Rosenn Rabbi Shai Held

Many ancient societies were preoccupied with proper treatment of the "widow" and the "orphan." But the Bible goes one step further, focusing on the widow and the orphan but also on the ger—the stranger, the immigrant, the refugee.  In the Bible's vision, vulnerable insiders are to be protected from exploitation, but so also are vulnerable outsiders.  In this session, we'll explore the Bible's insistence that we both protect and love the ger.  Along the way, we'll discover how Jewish memory and Jewish theology come together to yield this call to radical empathy.


Lecture by Rabbi Shai Held followed by a dialogue with R. Jennie Rosenn, Vice President for Community Engagement at HIAS. Recorded live on May 9, 2017 as the first of three parts in our Spring 2017 Lecture Series, Caring for a Vulnerable World: The Widow, the Orphan, and the Stranger –Then and Now.