Emunah: Faith and Courage

Hanukkah Companion 5784

Rabbi Beth Levy Dr. Jeremy Tabick

The world, as we all know too well, can be a scary and overwhelming place. At times when we feel a need for pure oil, or salvation, but are not sure we’re adequate to the task, just getting up each morning and trying our best can take enormous effort. In these moments, simply doing what you’re able to can be a statement of faith -- faith in yourself, faith in God, faith that there can be hope for better days.

Hadar’s 5784 Hanukkah Companion - "Emunah: Faith & Courage" - presents eight sets of texts and guiding questions that explore faith and faithfulness. By studying these texts through the eight nights of this holiday of faith, we hope that you can bottle up some of that pure Hasmonean faith and have just enough to illuminate the darkness.