Ant Farms, Dishwashers, Trains, and Blessings After Meals

Responsa Radio #4

In this episode:

I'm a graduate student in insect biology and have ants to look after. Can I do so on shabbat? (00:26)
There's a huge variety of Kashrut practices for dishwashers: some people put meat and milk together, some people have separate dishwashers for meat and milk. How did this come about and how should I think about my own dishwasher practice? (13:18)
Can I use free public transport on shabbat, assuming I'm in the eruv? (25:39)
Our blessings after meals are tied to whether we have eaten bread or not. But nowadays many (if not most) don't eat bread at every meal. Should we be doing the full blessings after meals even if we didn't have bread? What about people who can't eat bread? (33:54)