The Devash Megillat Esther

About the Book

The creators of Hadar's groundbreaking Devash Parashah Magazine are proud to introduce The Devash Megillat Esther! This beautiful volume includes the full Hebrew Megillah text, an original kid-friendly English translation, and carefully selected commentaries from 2,000 years of Jewish tradition brought to life in newly accessible ways.

Devash unlocks sophisticated texts for learners of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging deep questioning and growth. This approach has transformed Torah study for children and families. The Devash Megillat Esther now brings the same joyous learning experience to the topsy-turvy world of Shushan!

Praise for the Devash Megillat Esther

“Inviting, challenging, and entertaining. The Devash Megillat Esther is a model for presenting Jewish texts in an aesthetically pleasing manner and with genuine depth.”
Joseph Telushkin, author of Jewish Literacy