About the Recordings

With these recordings, Hadar has aimed to capture the davening styles of experienced prayer-leaders in high quality audio, edit the recordings to precise marking points in the siddur, and then present the material in a well-organized system. Hadar has been lucky to have had the opportunity to record and present the nusah (prayer chant) and nigunim (melodies) of some of the greatest and most creative ba’alei teffilah (prayer leaders) around.

In our growing music and tefillah library, we have a variety of Shabbat recordings already uploaded, along with Eliezer Diamond's and Aviva Richman's weekday services. Chaim Kranzler's Rosh HaShanah recordings are also up, along with other High Holiday melodies from Aryeh Bernstein, Julia Andelman, Deborah Sacks Mintz, and Dena Weiss.

Carlebach Copyright

All Carlebach songs © Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, BMI. Used with the permission of the Estate of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. For further information, please email [email protected]

General Copyright

The Creative Commons license covers all recordings and texts produced and presented by Hadar on this website. At the same time, much of the music recorded here is copyrighted by others, and we cannot license their creations. We have made our best efforts to attribute and license all melodies to their composers. If you are the owner of a piece of intellectual property on this website and would like to claim it, please contact us. Our most sincere hope in creating this platform is that it will lead to the spread of important ideas and music, to the mutual benefit of individuals, communities, and artists.