Pedagogy of Partnership
PoP Summer Online Training for Educators


Pedagogy of Partnership Summer Online Training for Educators

This program has passed. Dates for the summer 2022 training will be announced later this winter 2021.

“Because of PoP, my 5th grade students are thriving online. They know how to connect with each other, share with each other, work deeply with each other and the content, and I know how to use PoP principles to structure their learning in an online environment so that it gives them voice, connection and meaning.”
– Michelle Janoschek, a PoP teacher at JCDS


“PoP has helped me create curricular materials that support our students in engaging with the text, God and each other in ways I never thought possible. Parents and adults in the community have commented on how sophisticated the learning has become. I love when our students challenge each other with different ideas and wonder out loud about the texts, God and biblical personalities. Thank you for continuing to inspire us!”
– Robin Kahn, Director of Education and Teen Engagement at Temple Israel of Natick, MA

Are you looking for a way to support your students to develop sharp critical thinking skills as well as deep social-emotional capacities? Pedagogy of Partnership (PoP) can help. PoP is a comprehensive Jewish educational model that supports educators to bring Torah to the next gen­eration. Rooted in relationship building, PoP supports students to engage meaningfully with both text and one another, joining these educational aspirations together into a seamless whole. PoP provides core principles, activi­ties, language, and routines for Jewish and general studies teachers to develop learners’ habits of wonder, empathy, and responsibility toward others and Torah.

Join Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook, developers of this research-based pedagogy for an online introductory training. Experience and focus on teaching techniques that support your students to thrive as whole people through the intentional design of havruta, small group, and even full group learning—online and in person. Translate your learning into practice and meet the upcoming school year with renewed energy and new tools and materials. This program is suited to both Jewish studies and general studies teachers. If you are interested in participating and cost is an obstacle, please contact us at [email protected]


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