Pedagogy of Partnership
Pedagogy of Partnership Midwest Fellowship


"I feel like all of my teaching philosophy was suddenly given language and tools that I didn't know existed, and that I could take everything and put it into practice to meet my goals."

- Lianne Gross Philipp, PoP teacher at Chicago Jewish Day School


"The PoP Summer Institute has given me the energy boost I need to really get working on my plans for the year ahead and reminded me what really matters in teaching."

- Rebecca Strobehn, Jewish Studies teacher, Frankel Jewish Academy


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If you are interested in participating in the PoP Midwest Fellowship, please send an email indicating your interest and school to [email protected]. Someone will contact you shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Pedagogy of Partnership Midwest Fellowship

About the Pedagogy of Partnership Midwest Fellowship

The Pedagogy of Partnership is a national educational and professional development organization. Rooted in Jewish values and practices, the PoP approach teaches students a set of relational competencies—skills and attitudes—that serve to cultivate sharp critical thinking and deep social-emotional capacities as part of a seamless whole. During this time of uncertainty and physical distancing, relationship building is more critical than ever. PoP provides core principles, activities, language, and routines for teachers to build caring relationships with students and to empower students to do this with their peers and their content.

Pedagogy of Partnership (PoP) is working with a cohort of educators from the Chicago and Detroit areas to implement PoP online as well as in person. This fellowship offers participating educators a professional development program consisting of online summer institutes, coaching during the school year, and access to a suite of PoP teaching materials. This tried and true approach supports educators to teach for depth, to build connections among students, their peers and Torah (and other rich content), and to foster a more caring and creative learning environment—online and in person.

Educators from the following schools and organizations are involved in the Midwest fellowship:

  • Adat Shalom-Beth Achim Learning Community
  • Chicago Jewish Day School
  • Dor Hadash
  • Frankel Jewish Academy
  • Hillel Day School
  • Hillel Torah Day School
  • Rochelle Zell Jewish Day School
  • Solomon Schechter Day School of Metropolitan Chicago


Beyond Common Possibilities

By Rabbi Devin Maimon Villarreal

“The PoP Midwest Fellowship [educators] bring with them the tools to go beyond and create essential moments of humanity, connection and learning."




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