What Is PoP

PoP harnesses the power of havruta to help bring Torah to the next generation

PoP provides cutting-edge professional development and resources for educators, school leaders, and families. Our comprehensive model enables learners of all ages to develop the habits of wonder, empathy, and responsibility toward others and Torah.

PoP propels its proven research-based approach into exciting real-world practice through:

  • Training, professional development, and individualized coaching for leadership and educators
  • Customizable resources and tools for educators to use
  • Content and experiences for learning together beyond the classroom
  • Ongoing thought leadership that advances the field of Jewish education


Professional Development

For educators. We guide educators in the study and improvement of their own PoP-based teaching. Our support can take numerous forms, including individualized coaching and training institutes, both virtually and in-person.

For leadership. We work with school leaders to tailor the PoP framework to their programs, expand their professional toolbox, and support their educators to implement and continually improve their PoP practices.

Customizable Resources and Tools

With a suite of PoP resources available for educators and educational leaders, schools and organizations have the opportunity to effectively make an impact. We provide time-tested tools that help learners develop skills necessary for respectful, productive, collaborative learning. These tools include but are not limited to lesson plans, text learning exercises, teaching tips for havruta learning, community-building activities, and reflection exercises.

For a small sample of our resources to use in your own work, see our available resources, which any educator can use at no cost.

Content and Experiences for Learning Together Beyond the Classroom

In non-classroom venues, PoP offers resources for home-based study for families, adult learners, and more. PoP also partners with other organizations to bring its method to ever-widening circles of learning, including holiday-related material for learning at home.

PoP continues to advance teaching methodology through research, published papers, and consulting. The scholarship of PoP’s own principals, Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook, provides new insights into how and why to adopt the PoP method and documents its growing impact. Additionally, PoP expands the frontiers of Jewish education through our Teaching and Learning Journal and Divrei Torah collection, uplifting the voice of educators across the country.


What You Get

People who work with PoP:

  • Become adept conversationalists and relationship builders.
  • Enhance their capacity to seek understanding, work collaboratively and co-construct meaning.
  • Develop 21st-century skills such as critical thinking and complex interpretive abilities.
  • Increase independent and interdependent learning practices.
  • Foster a sense of responsibility and empathy toward others and toward almost any subject of study and conversation.
  • Engage with peers, educators, and texts that serve as a source of inspiration, wisdom, and instruction.
  • Expand their reflective capacities.
  • Grow and practice a sense of wonder.