PoP Testimonials

As an educator who consistently reflects on how to create streamlined, kid-friendly routines for the Judaics classroom, I was amazed by the methodologies and tools that Allison and Orit shared.” Read more about teacher Cara Abrams-Simonton's experience working with the Pedagogy of Partnership.  Cara Abrams-Simonton is the Judaics teacher for grades 2-4 at the Seattle Jewish community school as well as Director of Education at Kavana Cooperative.

PoP helped me imagine a new reality in which our Torah study changes lives by modeling an essential practice in the world of civil discourse – true, open, listening.” Read more about Rabbi David Saiger's experience working with the Pedagogy of Partnership on the EJewishPhilanthropyBlog. Rabbi David Saiger is the Upper School Rabbi at Milken Community Schools in Los Angeles.

"The most beautiful part of what I can take away from my experience is that as a teacher I am inspired to now judge my impact on my students not just based on the content that I teach but also based on the growth of their partnerships and their abilities to respect each other and the text in turn.” Read about educator Eli Savage's experience working with the Pedagogy of Partnership on the EJewishPhilanthropy Blog.  Eli Savage teaches middle school Language Arts and Social Studies as well as a Facing History Holocaust course at Netivot Hatorah in Toronto.

“We all know when magic, flow, and synergistic learning happens in our classrooms. Orit and Allison break down the components of this magic, so that we teachers can consciously construct, replicate, and deepen these experiences.  Over the years, I have sought to introduce the social emotional component and the experiential creative modalities into havruta learning in my classroom. PoP offers a chartered roadmap…” Read about Tanya Farber’s experience with the Pedagogy of Partnership. Tanya Farber, currently a rabbinical student at Yeshivat Maharat, has taught Judaic studies for fourteen years in both yeshiva high schools and elementary grades.