J.J. Greenberg Institute

The J.J. Greenberg Institute for the Advancement of Jewish Life (JJGI) is a division of Hadar dedicated to promoting the teachings and thought of Rabbi Yitz Greenberg. By developing and disseminating his ideas, JJGI seeks to sustain a vision of Jewish life that is fully integrated into postmodern culture. This vision - a narrative of Jewish communal history best presented in his forthcoming book, The Triumph of Life - will not only gain traction as a set of ideas, but it will also inspire a commitment to living as conscious, committed Jews in general society.

In order to accomplish this goal, Hadar’s JJGI works to:

  • Promote the teachings of Rabbi Yitz Greenberg, particularly his narrative of sustaining Jewish life in postmodern culture, through videos, short essays, podcasts, and other digital formats.
  • Recruit and train the next generation of Jewish leaders and educators to develop practical applications of Rabbi Yitz Greenberg’s narrative of Jewish life.