From Yahatz to Tzafun - Breaking and Hiding the Matzah

Rabbi Elie Kaunfer
Date and Time
12:30 - 1:00 PM Eastern
Apr 1-15 2024


Of course all the foods on Passover are symbols - so what is the symbolism here? Looking at rabbinic sources and ancient commentary on the Seder, together we will explore the symbolism and ancient meaning(s) of: broken bread, eating half pieces, hiding and finding and other matzah related questions.

Faculty Bio

Rabbi Elie Kaunfer

Rabbi Elie Kaunfer ​​is President and CEO of Hadar. He received semikhah from his longtime teacher, R. Daniel Landes, and is currently completing a book on the weekday Amidah. He received a doctorate in liturgy from the Jewish Theological Seminary, where he was also ordained, and is a graduate of Harvard College.

From Yahatz to Tzafun - Breaking and Hiding the Matzah

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