Midnight Praise, Redemption Song: Hallel on Pesah Night

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Why is this song different from all other song?  Hallel during the Pesah seder is uniquely structured, differentiating its recitation from Hallel on all other occasions - where typically it is recited in the morning, here we sing at night. Where typically we daven a continuous set order, here we interweave these Psalms with the retelling of the maggid. In this experiential session combining song and learning, we will unpack this practice and explore melodies designed to unearth the spiritual potential of this component of our sedarim.


Faculty Bio

Rabbi Deborah Sacks Mintz

Rabbi Deborah Sacks Mintz serves the Hadar Institute as Director of Tefillah and Music. An educator, facilitator, and composer, she has collaborated on over two dozen albums of new Jewish music through Rising Song and beyond, including two albums of her own original music: The Narrow and the Expanse (2020) an Yetzira (2023).

Midnight Praise, Redemption Song: Hallel on Pesah Night

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