Excavating the Musicality of the Minyan: A Leadership Workshop Series

In Person
Date and Time
6:45 - 8:00 PM Eastern
Jun 18-Jul 9 2024
Yeshivat Hadar


In this four part course, we'll explore key skills and ask core questions as we seek to excavate the artistic and musical possibilities embedded in leading communal davening spaces.

6/18 Session One: Sonic Building Blocks: Nusah as Musical Palate

6/25 Session Two: Integration with Intention: Nigunim and Congregational Melody

7/2 Session Three: Moving Together as One: Rhythm, Tempo, and More

7/9 Session Four: Troubleshooting: Collaboratively Exploring Challenges

Learning Mode: While shelihei tzibbur from all tefilah communities are welcome, this series is designed to support the musical experiences of communities that do not integrate instruments or technology into their communal tefilah.

Faculty Bio

Rabbi Deborah Sacks Mintz

Rabbi Deborah Sacks Mintz is Hadar’s Director of Tefillah and Music. She has collaborated on over two dozen records of new Jewish music, including her original albums: The Narrow and the Expanse (2020) and Yetzira (2023). Deborah was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary, and earned degrees in music, religious anthropology, and women’s studies from the University of Michigan and JTS.

Excavating the Musicality of the Minyan:
A Leadership Workshop Series

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