Rabbi Avital Hochstein

President of Hadar in Israel

Dr. Rabbi Avital Hochstein is President of Hadar in Israel. Avital has done research and taught at many institutions, including the Shalom Hartman Institute, where she was a research fellow, and the Pardes Institute, where she was the Rosh Kollel. She is one of the founders of Shira Hadasha in Jerusalem. Along with Prof. Chana Safrai, she is the co-author of Women Out, Women In: The Place of Women in Midrash (Yediot Aharonot, 2018). Her PhD focuses on the 8th chapter of Tractate Sanhedrin and utilizes a literary read of halakhic material combining tools from gender studies. She received ordination from Rabbi Daniel Landes and from the Beit Midrash Le'Rabbanut Yisraelit.