Meet R. Keilah Lebell, Hadar's New Director of Project Zug

Monday, February 5, 2024

I am Rabbi Keilah Lebell and I’m excited to introduce myself as the new Director of Project Zug. I am honored to oversee and grow this unique learning platform that brings Jews closer to Torah and each other through the enriching practice of havruta study.

This time-honored tradition of learning in pairs can be transformational. It summons a dynamic interplay between two people (the zug) and a text, making each participant both a student and a teacher. The wisdom comes not solely from the text, but blossoms out of the zug’s conversation, with it and with each other. Partner, text, and partner create a sacred space in which all kinds of questions and ideas can be explored and experimented with.

I believe that, especially in this difficult moment in Jewish history, we need such spaces – spaces where two individuals sit and learn together, encountering each other and the material with curiosity and respect. This is the enchanting magic of havruta.

Project Zug offers you the opportunity to experience this magic. Our self-guided courses, crafted by exceptional teachers, span the breadth and depth of Jewish ideas, texts, and practices. With introductory videos featuring the instructor and thoughtfully curated source sheets, you and your havruta can embark on a profound journey of shared inquiry and discovery.

Inspired to start your own learning journey? Project Zug’s Spring Learning Cycle is now open! Whether you’re a seasoned Torah scholar or a newcomer to Jewish studies, Project Zug welcomes you. Let us match you with a learning partner or sign up with a friend or family member. Our learning platform caters to all ages, and empowers you to learn wherever you like, on your own time and at your own pace. Seize the opportunity to engage deeply with Torah, yourself, and a fellow seeker by signing up today for a Project Zug course!

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting your learning journey!

New Course: The Fours of the Pesah Seder

Instructor: Rabbi Elie Lehmann

This Spring, alongside our vast catalogue of courses, we're excited to offer the perfect course to guide you through your Pesah Seder with R. Elie Lehmann called “The Fours of the Passover Seder.” Each session will delve into one set of four found in the Haggadah: cups, questions, children, and mothers, exploring different windows into the story of Yetzi’at Mitzrayim (Exodus from Egypt) and its significance for us.

Learn more and register on the Project Zug website!