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Order Hadar’s Project Zug Shavuot Companion

This Shavuot, we're delighted to offer a new resource for your late-night learning from Project Zug, Hadar's online, one-on-one learning program! When you take a course with Project Zug, you and your havruta (learning partner) get a new easy-to-use, guided source sheet each week. This Shavuot companion includes short excerpts of some of our favorite Project Zug courses, such as "Theology of Psalms

Hallel on Yom Ha-Atzma'ut 5784

Yeshivat Hadar’s longstanding practice is to recite full Hallel on Yom Ha-Atzma’ut with a berakhah. However, this year is unlike any other year we have experienced. Why and how should we recite Hallel at a time when redemption feels so far away?

Hadar's Pesah Hotline

Have a question about the laws and practices of Pesah? Fill out the form and you'll hear back within a few days of submitting your question.

72 Hours in Israel

Israelis still feel utterly bereft, confused, anxious, and indignant, and the support of the American Jewish community and its leaders means a great deal to them.

R. Shai Held: Remembering R. David Ellenson z"l

David was large, and no institution or movement could contain him. On the one hand, he was a committed Reform Jew, as he told me countless times. Yet on the other hand, if you cared about Torah and the Jewish people, you were part of his community, one of his people.

R. Elie Kaunfer: Showing We Care

I spent four days last week in Israel. It was the shortest trip to Israel I have ever taken, but it was also perhaps the most important trip I have taken here, for one simple reason: I was able to be with people I care about in a time of crisis.