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Events & Classes
Summer Beit Midrash

This July, we will be convening a 4-week Beit Midrash off-site on a campus with plenty of outdoor space for a safe immersive experience. Join a community of peers with a similar passion for Torah, Tefillah, and shemirat mitzvot.

Torah Online
Weekly Divrei Torah from Rabbi Yitz Greenberg

Rabbi Yitz Greenberg, a leading Jewish scholar of our generation, is writing our 5781 Divrei Torah collection! Read his reflections on the parashah to date and subscribe to receive weekly insights directly to your inbox.

Events & Classes
Rabbinic Yeshiva Intensive 2021

In some ways, the role of rabbis during the pandemic has remained the same, only at a higher pitch; in other ways it has felt disorientingly new. Curated by Rabbi Shai Held, RYI offers a remarkable space for rabbis of all backgrounds to meet the moment and come together to learn resonant and relevant Torah.

Events & Classes
Children and Families Division

Hadar’s Children and Families Division is building a network of families and young adults aspiring to a shared religious vision. Through classes, a tutoring network, and meaningful resources, we are building a world animated by our core values.

Tefillah and Music
Take the Music Home With You

Did you know you can find albums, books, and videos of Joey Weisenberg and others from Hadar and the Rising Song Institute?

Torah Online
Sponsor a Dvar Torah in 5781

If you want to honor a loved one, celebrate a special occasion, or acknowledge a personal connection to a particular parashah, fill out the form below and we'll include your message or mazal tov with the relevant Dvar Torah.