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Executive Seminar - July 12-16, 2020

Executive Seminar July 2019 190 Amsterdam Ave



Learn with Hadar and like minded peers for four days of engaging virtual Jewish study as we probe our textual heritage for meaning and purpose in our lives.

Hadar's virtual Executive Seminar is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Torah study that is rigorous, nuanced and sensitive to the full range of human experience and emotion. Modeled as an 'Executive Summary' of our full-time learning fellowships, the Executive Seminar opens up the world of Jewish wisdom through substantive text-based learning and conversation.

JOIN US  for a stimulating week of study at Hadar exploring deep issues in our lives as Jews through the lens of Torah.

CONNECT with an incredible network of people, working together to build bolder, more ambitious, and more meaningful Jewish lives.

LEARN with Hadar faculty, including: Rabbi Tali Adler, Rabbi Shai Held, Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, Rabbi Avi Killip, Rabbi Aviva Richman, Rabbi Avi Strausberg, Rabbi Ethan Tucker, and Dena Weiss


The Torah of Covid-19: Ancient Questions in a New Reality

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended our lives in every conceivable way. Each of us individually and all of us collectively face a series of urgent and extremely difficult questions-- about interpersonal obligations (what do we owe one another?), about social and political morality (what kind of society do we want to live in?), about medical ethics (how do we distribute care fairly), and so much more.

While critical in the current context, these questions harken back to ideas, ideals, and values within the Jewish tradition. In this virtual learning intensive we will do what Jews have always done in challenging moments: We'll turn to the vast resources of Torah for guidance, challenge, and inspiration.


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Is it for me?

The Executive Seminar is open to people of all learning backgrounds looking to deepen their connection to Jewish thought and texts. Please make sure you consult the schedule before registering to make sure the times of the class slots work for you.


How are the Days Structured?

Please see the schedule tab for an in-depth look at the schedule for the week. In short, the bulk of our learning will take place in the morning, before 12:30 EDT, with optional sessions in the afternoons and evenings.


Where and When is it?

This program will take place entirely over the Zoom platform. Programming begins Sunday evening, July 12 and runs through Thursday afternoon, July 16.


How much does it cost and what’s included?

We recognize that the reality of this moment has made finances a complicated and challenging issue. In light of that, the rate for this program will be on a sliding scale between $50-$500. Please pay the amount that feels meaningful to you. The registration rate includes access to the full range of programming.


How can I find out more?

We’d love to tell you more about this program! Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.


Schedule Overview

The schedule for the 2020 Virtual Executive Seminar will look different than past years. We recognize both the opportunities and limitations of virtual learning and have tried to build a schedule that is at once, accessible, intensive, and allows for a meaningful engagement with Torah.

We are still building out the exact classes that will be taught during the seminar but you can find the learning schedule below. In short, the bulk of our learning will take place in the morning, before 12:30 EDT, with optional sessions in the afternoons and evenings.

See below for a sample schedule (subject to change)

What Past Executive Seminar Participants Say

"I love studying Jewish classical texts, and this week was in a class by itself. The historical perspective that was presented in almost all of the talks, the social background of the texts, was outstanding... But the jewel in the crown is the faculty itself, their mastery of the material, their love of teaching, and their warmth and affection for the learners. They model Torah shel Chesed."

"I can't wait to get back to studying with you at Hadar in the Fall and Winter."

"Learning was fabulous as always. I get more optimistic about the future feeling the energy in the room as young and old learn together. Everyone is so respectful of each other and eager to learn."

– Past Executive Seminar Participants

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